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The fast setting inks


!NKREDIBLE technology stay-open printing inks for straight printing with fast physical drying properties for immediate work-and-turn and rapid postprint finishing.

The ideal process series for frequent job changes, offering maximum flexibility in regard to varying volumes of the print runs.

Your Benefits

This process ink supports effectiveness especially when fast job changes and rapid work & turn is required. With its excellent performance profile, quality and quantity of output are in perfect harmony.

Special Properties

  • Very fast setting and outstanding stacking characteristics
  • Ideally suited to rapid work-and-turn
  • High fount solution tolerance
  • Good gloss
  • Minimal powder spraying required
  • Ideally suited to inline coating
  • Minimises start-up waste
  • Maximum stability in the production run
  • Chromaticity coordinates in compliance with ISO 2846‑1 and ISO 12647‑2
  • Easy to handle with IPA-free printing using SUBSTIFIX‑AF
  • Extremely fast adjustment of the ink/water balance

Ink Profile


Rub resistance:

Dot sharpness:


Postprint finishing:


Fastness Properties

Light Alcohol Solvent Alkali
Yellow 5 + + +
Magenta 5 + + -
Cyan 8 + + +
Black 8 + + +

Technical Informations

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SUBSTIFIX-AF is a dampening additive designed for printing without alcohol on presses with continuous-feed dampening units. It can also be employed when printing on low alcohol dosage.

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COMBIFIX-XL is one reference product for initial press startups ever since it was invented. It is designed for printing with alcohol, employing continuous-feed dampening units.

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SALINOFIX is an additive for targeted adjustment of the total hardness, to make purified water ideally suited to the offset printing process.